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Posted by Timohi - November 11th, 2012

So, we're trying our luck again in Eurovision Song Contest.

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Posted by Timohi - December 21st, 2011

We wanted to participate to "Mutant Beauty Pageant", we were a little late, still, worth to take a look:
http://www.seymourduncan.com/tonefiend /pickups/lithuanian-mutants/

And here you can see the instruments "in action":

Lithuanian Mutants

Posted by Timohi - October 11th, 2011

Our Timohi "Babulia" Remix Contest was quite successful, we got there some awesome remixes and there is still some more time to submit more tracks.
Deadline for submitting your remix is October 20, 2011.
- 1st place 100Eur + 1 CD with us
- 2nd place 50Eur + 1 CD with us
- 3rd place 1 CD with us + goodies (guitar picks, guitar strings or plush toy)

Next concert, if you are in Vilnius by any chance :)
Also, we have music in Lithuanian, Russian, English and now also in Polish (our drummer has Polish blood, so he is singing here).

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Timohi "Babulia" remix contest

Posted by Timohi - July 1st, 2011

Hello everyone :)

We are a band from Lithuania (Eastern Europe, ex-soviet republic). Our team is actively involved in relevant events, supporting various social campaigns against terrorism, ethnic and racial discrimination, for brotherhood, equality and freedom, periodically perform the various arts, cultural festivals, town festivals.
Within 3 years of artistic evolution and creative searchings, today Timohi designate band's music as eclectic rock.

Timohi members:
- Brothers Roman and Dmitrij Timofejevai (Timohi): vocals, guitar, poetry. Timohi band founders.
- Andrei: bass guitar, vocal, backing vocal. Ideas generator and generally speaking, genius.
- Johny Zed: drums, vocal, backing vocal, professionally photographer.
- Mihai Sorohan (aka sorohanro here on Newgrounds): trumpet, keyboards, sound engineer.

You can connect with our band also here:
Timohi on My Space
Timohi on Facebook
Timohi on Frype
Timohi on Soundcloud
Timohi on Reverb Nation

When we play live, we kind of look and sound like this:

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And here is our Eurovision entry (Lithuanian national semifinals) a balkan-jazz-pop-fussion track. This is a performance without the band, just with dancers and backing vocalists because of the limitations of tv station :(
Anyway, song composed by JohnyZed, our drummer (Jan Suchodolsky on his real name), arranged by Mihai Sorohan (aka sorohanro, who is playing also the mandolin part LOL).

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After our music gets moderated and approved we plan to make a remix contest, so check our page for news later ;)
Cheers and keep in touch.

- Timohi band -